The Complete Collection of Trumpet & Bugle Calls - 3 CD SET

The Complete Collection of Trumpet & Bugle Calls - 3 CD SET

Bugle Calls are one of the earliest forms of communication in the British armed forces. They are short and to the point and can be heard over a long distance conveying an instruction to 'Fall In', 'Retreat' or 'Action' as well as mark key points in the day such as 'Sunset'. This new recording of over 380 trumpet and bugle calls lists all the calls used by the Royal Navy and British Army and is a complete record of a time before electronics changed communications forever. Expertly played by Professor John Yates MSM ARCM, this CD is a complete reference point for the calls, as well as a trip down memory lane for many. This boxed set consists of three CDs as follows:

* Routine calls for the infantry and mounted infantry in camp and quarters (tracks 1 - 37)
* Field calls for mounted Corps (tracks 38 - 78)
* Trumpet calls for Household Cavalry, Royal Armoured Corps, Royal Artillery, Royal Engineers and Royal Corps of Transport in camp and quarters (tracks 79 - 89)
* Royal Air Force calls (tracks 90 - 97)
* Selected infantry bugle calls of the American Civil War (tracks 98 - 99)

* Bugle calls for the Royal Navy and Royal Marines (tracks 1 - 45)
* Army bugle calls - regimental calls (tracks 46 - 99)

* Army calls - regimental calls continued (tracks 1 - 95)
* Bonus tracks
96. Last Post - 2 mins silence - Rouse
97. Last Post - 2 mins silence - Reveille
98. Last Post - 2 mins silence - Naval Reveille

Total running time 81 minutes

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